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Memories. . . AND a Podcast!

Dear Mom and Dad,

Today is a pretty big day. My dear friend, Andrea Bear and I have been on quite the journey in the past year. After meeting through Catholic Mom and the Catholic Writer's Guild, we became fast friends and, more importantly, felt called to create something to help others who have experienced grief. Today, we are launching our podcast series, The Mourning Glory Podcast. It is a series where people can share their experiences about loss, faith, and hope and, more importantly, to know that they are not alone. It's crazy thinking about how God is making all of this happen. Even crazier to think about the fact that so much of my life lately is because of both of you and the inspiration you have given me over the years, especially with my writing. You both were always so encouraging with my various forms of writing in so many ways. 

Dad, I remember the many times you came to my room to listen to me sing my latest original song to you. I actually still have a binder with many of those original songs and the tunes of them in my mind, each instrument and melody playing as I sing them to myself sometimes. I even remember you sharing that Grandma had a song called A Journey to a Star and you would sing what you remembered to me. We both shared a love of music and singing and I like to think I got my passion for music and singing from you.

Mom, I remember sharing my poetry with you and reading the poems you wrote as a young woman. I even remember you showing me some of the letters you wrote to dad and some of the poems you included. I honestly don't know what happened to them but perhaps I'll find them one day. I had forgotten how much I loved writing poetry and maybe this is my gentle nudge from God to begin again.   

I don't know why I went off on that bit of a tangent. I guess I got caught up in memories of you both, in this very moment as I think about how lucky I am to be able to share these memories with others and, perhaps, through my sharing about my experiences about the loss of you both, I hope others will find comfort and solace. That's such a big reason why Andrea and I decided to do the Mourning Glory Podcast. I remember when I lost both of you, for a time, I couldn't talk about losing you both. It was too painful. But I did want to know I wasn't alone and hopefully, this podcast will help others who are in a similar situation. 

I hope you both are proud of your little girl. I miss you both deeply but am also grateful knowing you are in Heaven and that you are powerful intercessors. I love you both and will share more soon. 

Until we meet again, God bless.




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